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Measurements to contain Covid19 pandemic

At the HdDM, all events will take place in accordance with the official requirements to contain the Covid19 pandemic. A distance of 1.5m is guaranteed in all rooms and accesses. Freely accessible disinfectant is available. We ask you to carry a mouth and nose protection and to keep sufficient distance.


from Monday, 19.10.2020 to Thursday, 31.12.2020, Robert-Havemann-Hall

Digital Childrens Choir

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We sing via Zoom and meet once a month! The Warriors e.V. from the House of Democracy and Human Rights and the Berlin choir director Andreas Schmidt-Hartmann are looking for children between the ages of 9 and 13 who like to sing and try something new! Nina Hagen has made her title "Unity" available especially for you to learn ...

Sunday, 1.11.2020 at 7.00 pm, Büro Informationsdienst: für kritische Medienpraxis Vorderhaus 2

Short lectures and discussion

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Tuesday, 3.11.2020 at 7.00 pm, Robert-Havemann-Hall


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Auch Berlin hat sich am 22.3.2018 durch Beschluss des Abgeordnetenhauses auf die Grundsätze einer „Blue Community“ verpflichtet, die die Anerkennung von Wasser als Menschenrecht und den Erhalt des Wassers als öffentliches Gut beinhaltet. Damit vollendete die Koalitionsregierung, was auf Anregung und Vermittlung des Berliner ...

Friday, 20.11.2020 at 3.30 pm, Robert-Havemann-Hall

Short conference on 20 November 2020

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New Media, old education Thinking youny & old together Just now, voices from science and politics are again being raised that we need media education in schools. The Institute for Media Responsibility IMV has been calling for such a school subject, appropriate curriculum commissions, evaluated didactic material and further training for ...