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There is a housing shortage in Berlin. Not only with private landlords, but also with the municipal housing companies and social housing. Even for those with a normal income, there will be it's getting harder and harder to find an apartment. That this is a problem has even been proven by the Senate recognized. Only: he does not act appropriately. In the last few years, numerous tenant initiatives have made suggestions as to which housing and urban policy instruments can be used - we demonstrated, and united as neighbors. The city knows what's going on.  ▶
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The Energy Table is a non-partisan alliance of local initiatives and organisations. It consists of the Energietischplenum, the Trägerkreis and several AGs. The organisation and Administration as well as press and public relations work is carried out by the association BürgerBegehren climate protection. The energy table plenum meets every second Wednesday in the month around to make all the landmark decisions. The plenum is made up of all supporting organizations and individuals.  ▶
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The SEEBRÜCKE is an international movement, supported by various alliances and actors* of civil society. We show solidarity with all people on the run and expect from German and European politics immediately safe escape routes, a decriminalisation of the sea rescue and a humane reception of the people who had to flee or are still on the run - in short: the way from deportation and isolation and towards freedom of movement for all people.
Letting people die on the Mediterranean in order to further the isolation of Europe and to carry out political power struggles is intolerable and speaks against any humanity. Migration is and has always been part of our society! Instead of borders being closed, we need an open Europe, cities based on solidarity and safe harbours.  ▶
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Our Transparency Act obliges authorities to publish previously secret contracts, Senate minutes, internal reports and much more. The administration must make this information available online free of charge. This will enable citizens*, journalists* and initiatives to gain an early insight into the actions of politicians and the administration and to take action.  ▶
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Network East is an alliance of many different actors

"For an open country with free people" - what was once a slogan of the rebellious autumn from Leipzig is today even more valid than it was then, namely as "For an open world, without borders, with bridges instead of walls and with free people" ▶