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Political independence has a price.
The House of Democracy and Human Rights Foundation needs donations for its work!

Dear friends of the House of Democracy and Human Rights,

politically, our foundation stands for the departure from self-inflicted and forced immaturity. Advocating for human rights and for all those who are in particular need of these rights at national and international level, it is not an institution that wants to or can count on the sympathy and support of those in power. In the face of natural disasters, ongoing wars, military build-up and repression, our tasks are not diminishing, but increasing every day.

In the midst of the increase in poverty, even in the rich Federal Republic, the House of Democracy and Human Rights is not an island of the blessed. Our political independence is based on the work and financial contributions of our tenants. On the one hand, we have to overcome the barriers for the we want to keep the use of our rooms as low as possible in order to make it possible for many to work here, but on the other hand to ensure the preservation and further work of the foundation. The funds for political projects of the foundation, for exhibitions, events and educational offers cannot all be covered from the current income.

Political independence and emancipatory commitment are not for sale, but they come at a price.

▶ Our donation account at the GLS Gemeinschaftsbank e.G.

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By the way: Your donation to the House of Democracy and Human Rights Foundation is fully tax-deductible. Upon request, we will be happy to send you a donation receipt.