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...from 17.2.2020

29.02.20 „ … hostile negative elements ..." Repression against leftists and emancipatory movements in the GDR

© AK Geschichte

29. February, 20 Uhr, Buchladen „Schwarze Risse“, Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a

Eight contributions provide historical sections, individual examples or overview presentations, all of which can make it clear that repression in the GDR was an integral part of this system of rule.

Discussion with: Bernd Gehrke, Renate Hürtgen (Herausgeber*innen), Anne Seeck, Markus Mohr, Christoph Jünke (Autor*innen)

Web: geschichtevonuntenostwest.wordpress.com

...from 12.2.2020

15.2.20 -- Film "Traces - The Victims of the NSU" with subsequent discussion with the director Aysun Bademsoy

© One World Berlin – Menschenrechte aktuell

Traces - these are not only clues at the crime scene, but also the injuries and scars on the victims' relatives and in society as a whole.

Web: www.humanistische-union.de

...from 9.2.2020

21 March: International Day of Action against Racism

© Bündnis Neukölln

On March 21, people all over the world will take to the streets to protest together against racism and right-wing agitation, for a solidary and respectful coexistence. Also in Germany activities are taking place in many places. In Rudow, Britz and North-Neukölln, neo-Nazis have for years been committing attacks on people who are active against racism and fascism, for democracy, tolerance and refugees. With the right-wing terror they are to be intimidated. Against it we put our solidarity.

Web: www.buendnis-neukoelln.de

...from 3.2.2020

Sea-bridge demo for the reception of people from Greek camps

© Seebrücke

ACTION DAY 8th February 2020

Saturday, 8.2., 2 pm at the Federal Foreign Office

#WeHavePlace - Unaccompanied minor fugitives from camps on the Greek islands evacuated to Germany!

Web: seebruecke.org

...from 1.2.2020

The brown seed

© DDR Museum
5th February 2020, 6 pm, Visitor Centre of the DDR Museum

The GDR proudly called itself an anti-fascist state. But what was the reality? Harry Waibel sketches a completely different picture in his book "Die Braune Saat", published in 2017.


  • Dr. Harry Waibel, historian, Berlin
  • Dr. Bernd Wagner, criminalist, Berlin
  • Dr. Stefan Wolle, Scientific Director DDR Museum, Berlin

Web: www.ddr-museum.de

...from 29.1.2020

Nach dem Deckel ist vor der Enteignung – Wie stellen wir uns die Gemeinwirtschaft vor?

© Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen

Discussion 31.1.2020, 7 pm at Aquarium

With the demand for a socialization of the large real estate groups, we have launched a debate that is resonating far beyond the borders of Berlin. For a long time, however, the legal feasibility and the question of costs were the sole focus of the discussion. But what does this socialization actually mean? How do we transfer apartments to the public sector - and who decides? How does our city change when over two hundred thousand apartments are no longer managed according to maximum yield?

Web: www.dwenteignen.de

...from 22.1.2020

Opening of the exhibition „30 Jahre Frieda"

© FRIEDA-Frauenzentrum e.V.

For 30 years the FRIEDA-Frauenzentrum e.V. has been working for a self-determined life for women* in its daily work. We open our anniversary exhibition with photos of FRIEDA and our four projects: FRIEDA Counselling Centre for Women*, Anti-Stalking Project, Alia and Phantalisa.

Web: www.facebook.com

...from 16.12.2019

Let´s change the agriculture and protect the climate

© Kampagne Meine Landwirtschaft

Manifestation -- 18.01.20

12 pm Prelude -- Brandenburger Tor

12.30 Start Manifestation

14.30 End -- Brandenburger Tor

Web: www.wir-haben-es-satt.de