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...from 30.12.2020

Vote out agribusiness! Call for protest on 16 January 2021

© Kampagne Meine Landwirtschaft

For a more peasant-ecological agriculture and species-appropriate animal husbandry, for climate justice and global solidarity!

A failed EU agricultural reform, declarations of bankruptcy in the climate crisis and a fatal agreement with the Mercosur states - this agricultural policy must be voted out! The Ministry of Agriculture and the Federal Government are courting the agricultural industry and continue to postpone the restructuring of agriculture. But in the super election year 2021, we all decide on the future of agriculture and food. Loudly and resolutely we demand a real policy change in January:

From the field to the plate - agricultural and food turnaround now!

Corona shows us even more clearly how important farm-based, sustainable agriculture and regional food crafts are. With day-to-day hard work, they safeguard our food sovereignty. But the pandemic also illustrates the problems: Using the example of Tönnies, we see how the industry makes huge profits at the expense of people, animals and nature. That makes us angry!

Stop the blockade mentality in the Ministry of Agriculture!

For 15 years, the CDU/CSU-led Ministry of Agriculture has been pursuing hard-core patronage policies for industry. This is driving tens of thousands of farms into ruin and leaving farmers to bear the costs of the restructuring of animal husbandry. With the "keep it up" policy of flat-rate land subsidies, Agriculture Minister Klöckner is fuelling the death of farms, the climate crisis and insect mortality. We are fed up with this!

Food is political!

We are the broad movement that takes to the streets for an agricultural and food policy suitable for grandchildren. That is why we are fighting for the preservation of farms and species-appropriate, land-based animal husbandry, for insect-friendly landscapes and real climate protection, for global justice and good food for all.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Seit 15 Jahren macht das unionsgeführte Landwirtschaftsministerium knallharte Klientelpolitik für die Industrie. Das treibt zehntausende Höfe in den Ruin und lässt die Bäuer*innen auf den Kosten für den Umbau der Tierhaltung sitzen. Mit dem „Weiter so“ bei den pauschalen Flächensubventionen heizt Agrarministerin Klöckner das Höfesterben, die Klimakrise und das Insektensterben an. Das haben wir satt!

Essen ist politisch!

Wir sind die breite Bewegung, die für eine enkeltaugliche Agrar- und Ernährungspolitik auf die Straße geht. Deswegen kämpfen wir für den Erhalt der Höfe und artgerechte, flächengebundene Tierhaltung, für insektenfreundliche Landschaften und echten Klimaschutz, für globale Gerechtigkeit und gutes Essen für alle.

Web: www.wir-haben-es-satt.de

...from 22.11.2020

„Fakten - Meinung - Mythen. Die DDR als Projektionsfläche!“ Online-Podiumsgespräch

© Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft

During the anti-corona demonstrations in Leipzig at the beginning of November, reference was repeatedly made to the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 and a "system change" was called for with the slogan "GDR 89 - FRG 2020". This equation shows that many citizens are either not aware of the historical situation of that time or allow themselves to be instrumentalised for other political purposes. Also with reference to an alleged lack of freedom of opinion, which should be demanded as in autumn 1989.

But it is not only in terms of freedom of expression that persistent myths about the GDR still persist in East and West. Allegedly there was no anti-Semitism, no crime, no housing shortage, the best education, medical care for all and everywhere social justice and solidarity. These and other allegations will now be regularly put to the test by renowned authors in an online service of the Federal Foundation for the Reconditioning of the GDR.

To kick off this series, Antje Hermenau (strategy consultant and former politician) and Werner Schulz (GDR civil rights activist and former Member of the European Parliament 2009 - 2014) will discuss these topics on Thursday, 26.11.2020 from 18:00 to 19:00. The moderator will be the WELT editor Sven Felix Kellerhoff. The discussion will be broadcast as a live stream on the YouTube channel of the German Federal Foundation for Reconditioning:

https://www.bundesstiftung-aufarbeitung.de/de/livestream "

...from 20.11.2020

SOLIDARITÄT IST NICHT GENUG – ES GEHT UM WIDERSTAND Demonstration - 25. November 2020 - Internationalen Tag zur Beseitigung von Gewalt gegen Frauen*

© iwspace

Call from "International Women* Space":

Call to all women*, lesbians, trans* and inter persons for the revolutionary 25th November DEMO for International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women*

When: 25. November, 2020 at 18:00

Where: Auswärtiges Amt, Werderscher Markt 1, 10117 Berlin

All over the world, governments are guided by imperialist agendas that are destroying the people. These agendas are colonization, neoliberalism, embargo policies, border regimes, deportation policies, and extractivism, which robs the resources of the land and the people, and forces settlements, imposes occupation, and expulsion. People are fleeing from their homes because of white supremacist destructive politics.

Let’s be clear, white supremacy is destroying lives in the name of human rights with, on the one hand, war and arms industry, and on the other hand, detention centers and bloody borders.

We believe that women’s* struggle, self-organization and self-defense is our strength in fighting fascism, patriarchy, and racism. We will continue struggling and defending ourselves against all forms of structural, political, social and economic violence and injustice.

Sisters* solidarity is not enough. It is about resistance.

Only resistance will put an END to colonial Borders and imperialist Agenda.

Let’s be organized.

Let’s be uncompromising.

Let’s dream big.

Let’s stand up.

Our struggle has been there all along and is connecting us around the whole world. We stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder together. Because the fight of each sister* is the fight of all sisters*. Another world is possible.

We call all women*, lesbian, trans* and inter persons, especially trans*women, working class women*, disabled women*, refugee women*, Black women*, Indigenous women* and women* of Colour to show our determination and resistance beyond borders.

+Bring your slogans and signs! ++Cis men are not invited, they are advised to take another action to stop violence against women*.

Web: iwspace.de

...from 19.11.2020

Talks to the exposition: »Revision: Peripherie als Ort - The Hellersdorf-Project. Foto series of Helga Paris and Ulrich Wüst«

© Helga Paris

More than twenty years ago Ulrich Domröse (outgoing curator for photography at the Berlinische Galerie) organised the exhibition "Periphery as Place - The Hellersdorf Project", which was first shown at the nGbK in Kreuzberg. Now the nGbK is presenting two of the photo series shown at that time - the urban photographs by Ulrich Wüst and the portraits of young people by Helga Paris - at its branch station urbaner kulturen, in Hellersdorf. The works are to be presented to the public again and discussed. In addition, there are supplementary works by both photographers.

Due to pandemic containment measures, the exhibition is temporarily closed. Online events are available as an accompanying programme:

The event takes place online (by zoom).

Registration by 20 November, 16.00 hrs at: anmeldung@ngbk.de

Please include the title of the event in the subject of the email.

Saturday, 21 NOV 2020


Talk with Ulrich Domröse (Berlinische Galerie) and Urs Kohlbrenner (Planergemeinschaft Kohlbrenner) Over twenty years ago Ulrich Domröse (outgoing curator for photography at the Berlinische Galerie) organised the exhibition "Periphery as Place - The Hellersdorf Project", which was first shown in 1999 at the nGbK in Kreuzberg and later on site. Domröse invited the artists Helga Paris and Ulrich Wüst, among others: "The Hellersdorf project arose from the need to reflect on current developments using the example of Hellersdorf. Therefore, the photographs had to have a concept that interprets rather than documents what is seen."


Talk with Inka Schube (Sprengel Museum Hannover) and Wolfgang Kil (critic / architect)

Inka Schube, as curator for photography at the Sprengel Museum Hannover, organised the first major retrospective of Helga Paris' photographs in 2004 and more recently at the Akademie der Künste on Pariser Platz. She is also the editor of the illustrated book recently published by Spector Verlag with photographs of Leipzig's main railway station, which she rediscovered in the Paris archive. Her exhibition "Helga Paris Photography/Photography" is shown all over the world by the Institute for Foreign Relations. Inka Schube had worked on the "Hellersdorfs Project".

Wolfgang Kil studied together with Ulrich Wüst in Weimar - Kil Architecture, Wüst Urban Planning. Both initially worked in their professions, but soon gave them up, as they could no longer see any room for design in the technocratisation of GDR urbanism. While Wüst concentrated on artistic photography with a focus on city views, Wolfgang Kil worked as a photography and city critic. The planned discussion will focus on the particularities of the photographs exhibited at the station urbaner kulturen.

Web: ngbk.de

...from 2.11.2020

Roger Melis - In a quiet country. Photographs from three decades GDR

© Roger Melis

In atmospherically dense, often symbolic photographs, he documented the everyday life of people in town and country, their working and living conditions, but also the more or less voluntarily completed political rituals in real socialism.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Web: www.alltagskultur-ddr.de

...from 21.10.2020

UNADAPTED Experiences of repression against women in the GDR

© Robert Havemann Gesellschaft

On October 27, 2020, 19.00 :

"The political dimension of the private. Female Artists and Gender Difference in the "other" Public Sphere of the GDR".

Web: www.havemann-gesellschaft.de

...from 14.10.2020

"Disturbing the Memory. The Fall of the Wall from a Migrant and Jewish Perspective" - 30 Years after Reunification

© Bildungsstätte Anne Frank

On October 20th at 6.30 p.m., the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank will host an online event on what the Wende 1989/90 meant for marginalized groups. Adrian Oeser (Hessischer Rundfunk) will talk to the editors of the anthology "Erinnern stören. Der Mauerfall aus migrantischer und jüdischer Perspektive" (Verbrecher Verlag 2020).

The Talk ties up to last winter's special exhibition "Others got dizzy. 1989/90: Black, Jewish, Migrant", which also offered marginalized perspectives on the period of reunification.

Moderation: Adrian Oeser (Hessian Broadcasting)

The event takes place in the series Tuesday Talk of the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank. Here, guests are invited to talk about current topics - always on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Link to youtube

Web: www.bs-anne-frank.de

...from 17.9.2020

Globale Climate Strike 25.09.2020

© Friday For Future

On 25.09. we will take the streets worldwide and protest for climate justice - because the climate crisis is currently being fought on the backs of those who have contributed to it's causes.

This concerns above all people and countries primarily the Global South. One cause of these unjust global relations is also racism. Therefore we are on strike under the motto "Climate protection is Human right"

One of the stations for the departure of the bicycle demo is in front of the House of Democracy and Human Rights. At 10.30h we leave Greifswalder Str. 229 together to go to Friedrichstr.

Web: fridaysforfuture.de