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...from 21.10.2020

UNADAPTED Experiences of repression against women in the GDR

© Robert Havemann Gesellschaft

On October 27, 2020, 19.00 :

"The political dimension of the private. Female Artists and Gender Difference in the "other" Public Sphere of the GDR".

Web: www.havemann-gesellschaft.de

...from 14.10.2020

"Disturbing the Memory. The Fall of the Wall from a Migrant and Jewish Perspective" - 30 Years after Reunification

© Bildungsstätte Anne Frank

On October 20th at 6.30 p.m., the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank will host an online event on what the Wende 1989/90 meant for marginalized groups. Adrian Oeser (Hessischer Rundfunk) will talk to the editors of the anthology "Erinnern stören. Der Mauerfall aus migrantischer und jüdischer Perspektive" (Verbrecher Verlag 2020).

The Talk ties up to last winter's special exhibition "Others got dizzy. 1989/90: Black, Jewish, Migrant", which also offered marginalized perspectives on the period of reunification.

Moderation: Adrian Oeser (Hessian Broadcasting)

The event takes place in the series Tuesday Talk of the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank. Here, guests are invited to talk about current topics - always on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Link to youtube

Web: www.bs-anne-frank.de

...from 17.9.2020

Globale Climate Strike 25.09.2020

© Friday For Future

On 25.09. we will take the streets worldwide and protest for climate justice - because the climate crisis is currently being fought on the backs of those who have contributed to it's causes.

This concerns above all people and countries primarily the Global South. One cause of these unjust global relations is also racism. Therefore we are on strike under the motto "Climate protection is Human right"

One of the stations for the departure of the bicycle demo is in front of the House of Democracy and Human Rights. At 10.30h we leave Greifswalder Str. 229 together to go to Friedrichstr.

Web: fridaysforfuture.de

...from 14.9.2020

What the Fuck!? Pro Choice Protest Ralley -- 19/09 from 13h

© what-the-fuck

"Legalize abortion - stop femicides - redistribute care work", these are the demands of the queer-feminist rally on 19. 09. As part of the Pro Choice movement, this is a protest against the demonstration "March for Life" of the fundamentalist "Life Protectors" in Berlin-Mitte.

Web: whatthefuck.noblogs.org

...from 8.9.2020

The overburdened authority. New research on the Treuhandanstalt -- Lecture series

© Stiftung Aufarbeitung

The public opinion on the Treuhandanstalt is still almost unanimously negative in Germany. The associated interpretations date back to the 1990s. At that time, the Treuhandanstalt was charged with the privatization of the state-owned enterprises of the former GDR. The opening of the Treuhand files allows a new, differentiated view of the controversial institution.

The series of lectures deals with various aspects of the transformation of the East German economy from a planned to a market economy. It presents the latest research results and thus contributes to the historicization of the Treuhandanstalt and its working methods. The lectures begin at 6:00 p.m. and will be broadcast live from the conference room of the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship at Kronenstraße 5 in 10117 Berlin-Mitte until further notice.

You can follow the lectures at: www.bundesstiftung-aufarbeitung.de/de/treuhand-live »

Web: www.bundesstiftung-aufarbeitung.de

...from 2.9.2020

Wandelwoche (Week of transformation) Berlin-Brandenburg 2020 – 04.-14. September

© das kooperativ e.V.

In different places in Berlin and Brandenburg, initiatives and projects present themselves, which, despite all obstacles, are looking for a "right life in the wrong life". In a miscellaneous programme of tours, workshops and discussions, they are realizing social change, solidarity and climate justice.

One exhibition in Werder is particularly noteworthy: "Repression, Revolution, Transformation. 1989 and 2011 remembering together" deals with the shared experiences of activists from GDR and Syria, providing background knowledge and opening new perspectives for the visitors. On 6 September from 16:00 - 17:30h there will be a panel discussion accompanying the opening of the exhibition.

Web: bbb.wandelwoche.org

...from 30.8.2020

"Die anderen Leben" (The other lives) Open Air lecture and documentary at 05.09.2020, 17h

© Bebra Verlag

When the state of the GDR is criticized, the people who lived in it often feel criticized as well. That makes discussions within families about their life in the GDR so difficult. Many remain silent until today, but in their silence the anger grows. The conversations that the filmmakers Sabine Michel and Dörte Grimm had with East German families encourage them to start a new conversation with each other without reproach. At the same time, they help to understand current political developments in East Germany differently and better by opening our eyes to the long-term consequences of life in a total of three political systems.

Sabine Michel

born 1971 in Dresden, went to Paris in 1990 - with the last East German high school diploma - and later studied film direction in Potsdam/Babelsberg. Her short film "Hinten scheißt die Ente" was an audience success in 2005 and led to her first feature-length film "Nimm dir dein Leben". Since then, the Adolf Grimme Award winner has worked for cinema and television and at the theater.

Dörte Grimm

born 1978 in Pritzwalk, studied journalism, history and ethnology in Berlin. Since 2008 she works as an author and filmmaker. She writes children's books, makes documentaries and works for television. Since 2015 she is involved in the association Perspektive hoch drei / Dritte Generation Ostdeutschland.

After the reading you have the opportunity to ask the authors questions or simply enter into conversation. Afterwards we will show the documentary film ZONENMÄDCHEN by Sabine Michel on the screen of the Campus Cinema. The film tells the personal story of the director and her school friends. Raised in the GDR, the young women are sent into a new life with their last East German high school diploma. Each of them has to find their way anew. How did they experience the new freedom? And how much "zone" is still in them today?

Before the start of the event, you have the opportunity to take part in a free guided tour on the grounds of the Stasi headquarters at 15.30 hrs. Campus for Democracy. The tour ends with a brief look into a magazine room with original Stasi documents. Since the group size is limited, we ask you to register at veranstaltungen@bstu.bund.de or by calling 030 2324-6699. The meeting point is in front of the entrance to the archive exhibition "Insight into the Secret" ("Haus 7").

Location: Inner courtyard, Stasi headquarters. Campus for democracy, Ruschestrasse 103, 10365 Berlin

Traffic connection: U5, Magdalenenstraße

Organizers: Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft e. V., be.bra verlag, Federal Commissioner for Stasi Documents

Web: www.bebraverlag.de

...from 24.8.2020

Demonstration against right-wing structures in Berlin administration and police - 30.8. 16h Rudow underground station

© Neukölln Watch

More and more details are revealed within the so-called "Neukölln Komplex". After years of ignoring racist attacks and the thwarted prosecution of right-wing violence by investigative authorities, police officer Stefan K., a former member of the Investigation Group for the Right-Wing Extremism (EG Rex), is currently accused for jointly committed and dangerous bodily harm against an asylum seeker. The demonstration in Rudow protests against right-wing structures in the Berlin investigating authorities.

Web: www.nkwatch.info