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...from 1.2.2024

Petition "Wehrhafte Demokratie: Höcke stoppen!"


Björn Höcke ist ein wahrhaft gefährlicher Feind der freiheitlichen Demokratie. Das zeigt sich immer wieder. Doch es gibt eine Möglichkeit, ihn zu stoppen: Die Grundrechtsverwirkung nach Verfassungsartikel 18. Das ist niedrigschwelliger als ein Parteiverbot – und darum realistischer. Damit dürfte Höcke sich nicht mehr wählen lassen. Unterzeichnen Sie jetzt die WeAct-Petition von Indra Ghosh!

Weitere Informationen und zur Unterstützung der Petition:

Web: aktion.campact.de

...from 16.1.2024

Petition of the "Initiative against Forgetting": Prevent the disposal of evidence of the history of the murderous Hitler regime

© Axel Drieschner

By the end of Hitler's rule in 1945, around 200,000 people with physical, mental and psychological disabilities had fallen victim to the systematic mass murder of the Nazi system. In one of the most important hospital killing centers alone, Schloß Sonnenstein in Pirna, 13720 people with disabilities and 1031 concentration camp prisoners were murdered with the help of gas. The listed ensemble of buildings includes the so-called bus garage, which has been designated a "monument of national importance" and is a unique architectural testimony to the crime against humanity committed by the Nazis. Despite this, a private investor has begun the undocumented demolition of this building in order to convert it into a residential building. The inner structure created by the so-called T4 Action for the bus garage, with its track-bearing walls, floors and fixtures, has already been almost completely destroyed.

What is now taking place in Pirna is the irresponsible disposal of evidence of German history. We urgently call on those responsible to immediately secure and document the structural traces that still remain and to restore the building and preserve its immediate surroundings. What is needed is a form of use that, among other things, preserves the external appearance as a testimony to the T4 murders and leaves the gate front contiguous and unobstructed, visible and accessible to the public.

Further information and to support the petition

via Website: Petition at change.org

via Email: gegendasvergessen@posteo.com

Web: www.denkmalpflege.sachsen.de

...from 28.6.2023

Hinweis -- Änderung der Mietpreise

© Stiftung HdDM

Ab dem 01.07.2023 müssen wir die Mietpreise unserer Veranstaltungsräume in allen Vermietungs-Kategorien so moderat wie möglich erhöhen, um kostendeckend arbeiten zu können.

...from 21.6.2023

We call to remembrance: Erich Mühsam

© Stolperstein Erich Mühsam

09 July | 14:30h | Demonstration at Oranienburg train station

As every year, the Forum against racism and right-wing violence Oranienburg calls for a demonstration in memory of Erich Mühsam

The demonstration begins on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at 14:30 at the Oranienburg train station and leads to the memorial site of the former concentration camp Oranienburg in the Berliner Straße. At the memorial site of the former synagogue is planned a stop with speeches.

The organizers want to draw attention to the relevance of the redesign of the memorial site again during this commemorative demonstration and urge that it be implemented as quickly as possible. Here it is to be noted that in this framework also Erich Mühsam receives an appropriate memorial place, which reminds of its life and suffering.

After a wreath-laying ceremony, there is the possibility to visit the memorial stone to Mühsam at the Oranienburg cemetery.

Web: aktionsbuendnis-brandenburg.de

...from 16.2.2023

Rental of the exhibition "Born in Auschwitz"

© Alwin Meyer

The exhibition, which will be on display at the House of Democracy and Human Rights from March 3 to April 26, can be borrowed for a modest rental fee beginning in May 2023.

On 31 rollups, the exhibition portrays children who were born in Auschwitz and other camps under almost unimaginable conditions and talk about their lives.

For more information, feel free to contact: kontakt@hausderdemokratie.de

Sponsored by: Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung

...from 2.11.2022

8th World Congress against the Death Penalty


More than 1,000 participants from 90 countries are expected in Berlin, Germany, from 15 to 18 November for the 8th World Congress against the Death Penalty. As the most important abolitionist event in the world, the Congress will bring together political figures, activists, committed citizens and young people from around the world for four days of debates on the issue of the death penalty, which is still practised on all five continents.

The Congress will be launched on 15 November at the prestigious Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin.

Web: www.congress.ecpm.org

...from 13.10.2022

Congratulations to Memorial for the award of the Nobel Peace Prize

© MEMORIAL Deutschland e.V.

The Foundation House of Democracy and Human Rights congratulates Memorial, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for their work for human rights, democracy and peace. We are happy to have Memorial in our house and wish them much success for their further work!

Statement of the Memorial Society on the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize

Memorial was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Today the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bjalyazki, the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties and Memorial. We thank the Nobel Committee for this honorable award.

The idea and mission of Memorial are human rights, history, assistance to victims of repression, struggle against state violence. Memorial is a network, it is people, a movement. We work in Russia, in Ukraine, in other countries, continuing the work that Andrei Sakharov and Arseniy Roginsky started over thirty years ago.

Like other civil society organizations in Russia, Memorial is currently facing intense state persecution. But memory and freedom cannot be banned. Therefore, we continue our work and will continue to do so under all circumstances.

Our thoughts are constantly with Ales Bjalyazki and the other political prisoners in the prisons of Russia and Belarus, as well as with our Ukrainian colleagues who are forced to work under war conditions.

The prize is awarded at a time when Russia is waging a war of aggression against Ukraine. In Russia itself, human rights and freedoms are being violated every second. It is more important now than ever to remember the thesis that Andrei Sakharov formulated decades ago. Peace, progress and human rights are goals that are inextricably linked. You cannot achieve one of them by disregarding the others. A state that does not respect human rights in its country inevitably becomes a threat to peace.

Web: www.memorial.de

...from 21.9.2022

Global climate strike on 23/09/2022!

© Fridays for Future
Join us on the streets on Friday! For the Global Climate Strike, we're calling for #PeopleNotProfit with over 250 climate strikes across the country. Join us and bring everyone you know - whether it's friends, family, or colleagues. Together we are loud for climate justice!

Web: fridaysforfuture.de