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...from 4.5.2020

What remained was the pain of a bitter victory


In the late evening of May 8, 1945, Field Marshal Keitel, Admiral von Friedeburg and Colonel General Stumpff signed - albeit reluctantly - the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht in the Soviet High Command Berlin-Karlshorst. Under the flags of the anti-Hitler coalition, Marshal of the Soviet Union Shukov, British Air Marshal Ted, US General Spaatz and France's General de Lattre de Tassigny signed the surrender document, which was thus ratified, at 10:15 p.m. According to Moscow time it was already 0:15. Radio Moscow reported on May 9 about the end of the bloodiest of all wars. On all continents, but especially in the countries occupied, maltreated and exploited by the Wehrmacht, Ordnungspolizei and SS, millions of women and men celebrated the defeat of German fascism. Not only tears of joy were in the eyes of many. There remained the pain of a bitter victory, the grief for family members and friends, the millions of victims of terror and war of annihilation. "Death is a master from Germany" is the title of Paul Celan's "Death Fugue", written in 1944 in Czernowitz. In the antifascist alliance with allies of the anti-Hitler coalition, the Red Army and the peoples of the Soviet Union carried the main part of the civil and military efforts. Their millions of victims remain unforgotten.

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...from 24.4.2020

Open letter from 44 organisations to the government: Berlin access scheme for refugees NOW

© Flüchtlingsrat Berlin

Open letter from civil society to the rulers of Berlin --Berlin access scheme for refugees NOW!

For years the EU has set a deterrent example for potential refugees on the Greek Aegean islands. On behalf of 44 civil society organisations, the EU has sent an open letter to the Governing Mayor, the Senator of the Interior and the House of Representatives to prepare the Berlin Landesaufnahmeprogramm in concrete terms and to implement it quickly.

Web: fluechtlingsrat-berlin.de

...from 7.3.2020

Theme room emancipation. | 03.03. - 26.04.20

© »kaboom«

Emancipation means freeing oneself from expectations, stereotypes, physical ideal images and supposed standards. Emancipation means to fight - for the equality of all people. It is everybody's business.

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...from 29.2.2020

Women*strike/feminist strike in Germany

© Frauen*streik Komitee Berlin

We're on strike! We demand!

...because we create the wealth!

We call on the unions to call for a strike!

We demand the right to political strike!

Stop discrimination in social security!

Web: frauenstreik.org

...from 17.2.2020

29.02.20 „ … hostile negative elements ..." Repression against leftists and emancipatory movements in the GDR

© AK Geschichte

29. February, 20 Uhr, Buchladen „Schwarze Risse“, Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a

Eight contributions provide historical sections, individual examples or overview presentations, all of which can make it clear that repression in the GDR was an integral part of this system of rule.

Discussion with: Bernd Gehrke, Renate Hürtgen (Herausgeber*innen), Anne Seeck, Markus Mohr, Christoph Jünke (Autor*innen)

Web: geschichtevonuntenostwest.wordpress.com

...from 12.2.2020

15.2.20 -- Film "Traces - The Victims of the NSU" with subsequent discussion with the director Aysun Bademsoy

© One World Berlin – Menschenrechte aktuell

Traces - these are not only clues at the crime scene, but also the injuries and scars on the victims' relatives and in society as a whole.

Web: www.humanistische-union.de

...from 9.2.2020

21 March: International Day of Action against Racism

© Bündnis Neukölln

On March 21, people all over the world will take to the streets to protest together against racism and right-wing agitation, for a solidary and respectful coexistence. Also in Germany activities are taking place in many places. In Rudow, Britz and North-Neukölln, neo-Nazis have for years been committing attacks on people who are active against racism and fascism, for democracy, tolerance and refugees. With the right-wing terror they are to be intimidated. Against it we put our solidarity.

Web: www.buendnis-neukoelln.de

...from 3.2.2020

Sea-bridge demo for the reception of people from Greek camps

© Seebrücke

ACTION DAY 8th February 2020

Saturday, 8.2., 2 pm at the Federal Foreign Office

#WeHavePlace - Unaccompanied minor fugitives from camps on the Greek islands evacuated to Germany!

Web: seebruecke.org