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How does the House of Democracy and Human Rights deal with the AfD and right-wing movements?

Discussions in the Foundation and with the groups of the House have made it clear that current developments are forcing us to specify which movements, which actors* and which ideas we should give a place to in our House of Democracy and Human Rights and who and what should not be given access.

The basis of our self-conception* remains the opinion of all groups working in our house as well as the foundation that the propagation of fascist, dictatorial, sexist and racist ideas is intolerable. In this sense, the Foundation and the House of Democracy are partisan and in solidarity.

In the meantime, there is not only a strong right-wing nationalist party in the German parliament, but also an increasingly blatant right-wing movement that appears reactionary-conservative and nationalistic-nationalist, without this always being apparent at first glance. They all work purposefully within the framework of the rule of law and using democratic means to achieve their political goals, an ultimately authoritarian state.

The House of Democracy and Human Rights will not offer these movements any space or opportunity for their activities. Rather, we will all focus our attention on revealing their true nature, which is hidden behind verbal-democratic demands; because more than ever, our motto is: "Resist the beginnings!"
Berlin, 08. Mai 2019

First signatories:
Judith Braband, Mitglied des Kuratoriums HdDM (Vorsitzende); Eberhard Schultz, Vorsitzender der Eberhard–Schultz–Stiftung für soziale Menschenrechte und Partizipation und Vorstandsmitglied der internationalen Liga für Menschenrechte e.V.; Bernd Gehrke, AK Geschichte sozialer Bewegungen Ost West; Iris Hefets, Mitglied der jüdischen Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost; Richard Herding, Informationsdienst: kritische Medienpraxis; Renate Hürtgen, Mitglied des Kuratoriums HdDM; Thomas Klein, langjähriges Kuratoriumsmitglied für die VL; Heidemarie Kruschwitz, Vorstand Stiftung HdDM (Vorsitzende); Dietmar Lange, Mitglied des Kuratoriums HdDM; Björn Mohr, amnesty international; Pia Paust-Lassen, Berlin21 e.V.; Redaktion telegraph; Elske Rosenfeld, Mitglied des Kuratoriums HdDM; Klaus Schlüter, Mitglied des Kuratoriums HdDM und der Grünen Liga; Peer Stolle, Mitglied des Kuratoriums HdDM und im RAV; Vorstand Verein Berlin 21 e.V., Vorstand: Pia Paust-Lassen, Madeleine Porr, Malte Schmidthals, Sebastian Stragies; Michael Volk, Mitglied des Kuratoriums HdDM und der Bibliothek der Freien; Rainer Wahls, Vorstand Stiftung HdDM; Dirk Wassersleben, Mitglied des Kuratoriums HdDM und im Verein Haus der Demokratie; Lavern Wolfram, Mitglied des Kuratoriums HdDM und im Baobab Berlin e.V.