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▶  Foundation internship

The House of Democracy and Human Rights Foundation offers students combined internships in public relations and event management.

Voluntary work, voluntary social or ecological year - there are many opportunities to get involved with organisations in the House of Democracy and Human Rights. For better orientation, we have compiled an overview of the internships on offer:

▶  bapob - berliner arbeitskreis für politische bildung e.V.

Range: Voluntary Service (DFFA) ➔

▶  Berlin 21 e.V.

Range: Commitment & Volunteering at Berlin21 ➔

▶  Büro zur Umsetzung von Gleichbehandlung (BUG) e.V.

Range: Mandatory internships during the study ➔

▶  Deutsche Umweltstiftung

Range: Internships at the German Environmental Foundation ➔

▶  Informationsdienst: für kritische Medienpraxis (ID-Medienpraxis)

Range: Internships, volunteer work or voluntary social year are possible by arrangement. ➔

▶  KATE - Kontaktstelle für Umwelt und Entwicklung e.V.

Range: Internships, Ecological Federal Voluntary Service and Voluntary Ecological Year  ➔

▶  Survival-International Deutschland e.V.

Range: Internship in the field of fundraising and public relations ➔