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 Education opportunities

From project days on climate change and workshops on landmines to panel discussions with politicians and educational modules on current international conflicts, to educational trips to seminars on smoking cessation - 'Stiftung Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte' and the individual organisations in the House have developed extensive educational offerings in the course of their political work, which are not only aimed at primary school pupils and young people, but also at students, teachers and all other interested adults.

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Subject area: Autism

Aspies e.V. supports project groups on the topic of autism - learning, school and adult education.

Subject area: Democracy

The House of Democracy and Human Rights Foundation offers project days and contemporary witness talks on the GDR opposition during the fall of communism. During the exhibition "Der kurze Herbst der Utopie - Berlin 1989" (The Short Autumn of Utopia - Berlin 1989) (annually in autumn), guided tours of the exhibition are available on request.

The 'Omnibus für Direkte Demokratie gGmbH' offers in seminars and lectures an overview of the historical development of the understanding of democracy as well as the influence of democracy on our culture.

The 'Bibliothek der Freien' provides speakers who report on specific political issues. These lectures are suitable for schools, associations or in adult education.

Subject area: Development policy

The Contact Point for Environment and Development KATE e. V., along with 20 other Berlin non-governmental organisations, organises interactive workshops, a cinema forum, exhibitions, a panel discussion and a cultural programme on the respective annual theme of the UN Decade as part of the "benbi Berlin Development Education programme".

Subject area: Fair Trade

In our workshops, we provide information about world economic interrelationships and fair trade and would like to encourage you to think about your own consumer behaviour. The students experience what fair trade means in a playful way and with all their senses.

Subject area: Trainings

Aspies e.V. supports project groups on the topic of autism - learning, school and adult education.

The 'Flüchtlingsrat Berlin e.V.' offers training courses, information events and workshops on the subject of 'asylum and residence law'. Residence permit, procedure of an asylum procedure, securing residence, hardship proceedings, argumentation training...

Subject area: Voluntary services

Carea e.V. offers seminars in which volunteers are prepared for their work as human rights observers or witness companions.

Subject area: Prevention of violence

The "Training institute for violence prevention in close social relations" is an educational institution of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Täterarbeit Häusliche Gewalt e.V. (Federal Association for the Prevention of Violence in Close Social Relations).The ederal Association for the Prevention of Violence in Close Social Relations aims to improve the quality of counselling work through conferences and educational events. in general and the work with perpetrators in the area of domestic violence in the Special support. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Subject area: Sustainable development/climate protection

The association 'Berlin 21' offers events in schools on the subject of sustainable development as well as mobility courses in schools in cooperation with driving schools

KATE e.V. offers seminars and workshops for children and young people on the subject of climate protection and sustainability. With the project "Climate (ver)Frühstück - wie das Essen unser Klima beeinflusst" ("Climate (ver)fray breakfast - how food influences our climate"), KATE e.V. shows children and young people why and how food is related to the topic of "climate protection" using everyday breakfast as an example.

The 'Unabhängige Institut für Umweltfragen' Issues (UfU) offers a wide range of advanced training courses for teachers and educators: